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About my AMIBeachClub reservation and payments

Q. Can I pay by personal or bank check?

A. Yes and you will not incur any additional service fees. Send us a message via the Contact us page and we will email you payment information and postal address.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You can cancel your reservation by notifying us via email at anytime. If you cancel you will be subject to the loss of your reservation fee if your cancellation is received more than 60 days from your arrival. If your cancellation is within 60 days of your arrival, you will also forfeit your entire rental fee paid. We highly recommend third-party travel insurance, whether traveling from outside the USA or domestic travel. There are several levels of travel insurance available to fit most travelers needs, including trip cancellation coverage. SquareMouth is a good travel insurance comparison website.

Q. I live outside the USA, can I pay by Wise?

A. Yes - Wise offers low transfer fees and competitve exchange rates. Send us a message via Contact us and we will manually process your booking (Note: please don't use the "Book Now" function or enter your credit card information). We will then email you an exclusive link to Wise to begin your transfer to|Call us on 941.209.3530 (7 days a week 8AM-8PM EST)